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tv   Headline News  RT  June 28, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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relations cool over snowden ecuador quits a trade pact with the us labeling it as washington's instrument of blackmail over the political asylum bit of the n.s.a. whistleblower. and it appears there is more to the u.k. phone and online snooping then snowden's been telling us it turns out a special police unit has been secretly scanning social networks. and divide deepens and it supporters and opponents of president morsy are gearing up for a massive rallies fueling fears of street violence as a country's leader is preparing to mark his first year in office.
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we want to ninety coming to live from moscow with me marina joshie now add a word snowden has become the reason why ecuador has abandoned an agreement with its largest trading partner tito's pulled out of a preferential trade pact with the united states because it says washington's blackmailing it over its possible asylum offer for the x. cia employee that was a lower meanwhile is still believed to be stuck in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport that details are from. all nations involved in the continuing snowden saugor are walking a political and diplomatic tightrope taking lightly i could go on the united states now earlier this week one u.s. official claimed that preferential trade agreement between the two countries could be in jeopardy if. to grant political asylum to edward snowden or again they want
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to help edward snowden all of those response to this has been quite defiant preempted any move by the united states and have withdrawn themselves from the trade agreement saying that ecuador does not accept any pressure or threats from anyone now also rather interestingly and i think rather tongue in cheek as well they offer the united states twenty three million dollars in order to improve their human rights record now all of this of course comes between strained relations between america and china and washington could barely hide their anger after hong kong allowed edward snowden to leave the country the chinese authorities saying that the extradition request wasn't within the legal framework and of course washington is trying to put the pressure on russia was well saying that moscow should hand edward snowden over despite the fact that there is no extradition agreement or extradition deal between the two countries for their part russia simply saying that he doesn't come under their jurisdiction because he hasn't yet
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stepped foot across the border you have to ask if he really did intend spending this long in transit in a moscow airport now the u.s. began talks with hong kong over extradition proceedings on saturday six days ago now it seems that he fled hong kong it could have been in a hurry did he leave in a panic without much of a plan or did he have a plan and simply gone wrong along the way now we are led to believe of course that this is still in transit here that showed a match of what he doesn't have a valid visa to enter russia and his passport has been invalidated and revived meaning it's very difficult for him to leave the country as well now to claim he had this refugee document granted by the ecuadorian government but ecuador and now saying that that is invalid so it does seem as if he's stuck in limbo at the moment which surely cannot have been part of his master plan. so snowden's become the subject of a diplomatic rift between cuba and washington but aqua door isn't the only potential escape destination for the whistleblower well let's now take
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a look at where else he could and so snowden left for russia from hong kong and many expected moscow to be only a stopover and it was believed the thirty year old would had to cuba and that aqua door but the whistleblower never turned up on that have an abound flight and as well as president nicolas maduro said he's countries willing to consider giving safe haven to the man who exposed u.s. intelligence and snowden earlier described iceland as a place which shares his values government officials are considering his asylum there too well michael ratner mandatory for a julian assange and wiki leaks believes more countries should speak up against washington's actions. at the hand at the end we're going to the small country of nine million people breaking its trade preferences saying this is not the old latin america they used to have where you just beat us up with a big stick we don't care about your trade griffin says so it gives me more hope that ed snowden may be able to make it to ecuador i know that it's time for every
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country to speak up if this is not just about american citizens and all our e-mail being looked at in all our phone calls but the us combined with the u.k. which is getting into all the fiber optics and that's really it particularly what in germany was concerned by going after all of they had and germany to its credit has spoken up of course germany had the stasi operating in east germany and i think it's very very concerned that ten percent of their population was under heavy surveillance from the stasi now it's one hundred percent and perhaps that is one of the reasons that has made germany so sensitive on this issue or not so sensitive having the sensitivity that all countries ought to have now for more on this story make sure you log onto r.t. dot com because we've got the latest on edward snowden and we're tracking their reaction his situation is causing on social media as well just a click away for you r.t. dot com.
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now meanwhile there's been more revelations over a new case blanket online surveillance a special police unit has reportedly been monitoring and analyzing what british citizens are posting online and social networks the spite of fact all facebook and twitter users are actually choosing to make their data public the news has sparked major concerns among privacy groups argue sarah ferguson explains. we know when we when we post something on facebook there is it's well known of the possibility of course that that's going to be seen you're putting it out there in the public sphere but i think these revelations really causing concern because of the state of
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the intelligence gathering this is twenty four hours a day seven days a week your facebook twitter you tube and it's a little known unit in the metropolitan police known as succulent it's social media intelligence and they've been working as a lead to the team of around seventeen offices combing through this information recently we've been looking at the rise for example of the number of arrests the police have been making on the back of what people have put on their twitter accounts but of course now you've got this in the context of the revelations over prism and that's really blowing the debate wide open about intelligence gathering in the u.k. and the u.s. in about exactly what privacy means in the digital age we'll talk more to us about this i'm joined by big brother what is deputy director and the. other thank you very much for joining us i thought every time we speak of this sort of black mirror
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esque reality i mean it really does seeing the stuff of fiction is becoming part of daily life and that what we're putting out there is being constantly monitored i think also they can very importantly prism of course you've got information being gathered should be hidden from the world the team is private but of course the sock meant this is stuff we're putting in a public forum so why is this a problem surely this is exactly what the police should be doing when not saying that because shouldn't take place what we're saying is that is it necessary is a proportionate is actually in the public interest and if so then there needs to be a framework there to see consistency throughout all of the police forces of the huge storm at the moment the u.s. and u.k. . intelligence gathering after the revelations about. minutes being described as prisons a little is it that bad well i think for a lot of people it will be about i mean when you come down to the very small nuances of it's you know it's all private information and what we perceive to be
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private and you know we all know the digital world and christian and things that we know it isn't actually as private as we'd like it to be and so we do feel like i'm in a state basis there should be some safeguards in place for people to go around in and complete freedom unless we do something wrong in the same should be put forward in terms of social media have a lot to go back to a step about the information about. the certainly going to be a cause the further discussion still rages of course on the back of those revelations of prison and still to come here in r t the terror threat haunting the u.k. on the heels of the brutal murder of the british government to span millions to boost intelligence and security but stays silent on its military operations in muslim states. bracing itself for more on the breast with the most recent violence already leaving several dead president morsi supporters are promising demonstrations ahead of
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a massive opposition rally on sunday marking its first year in office egyptian politics is currently in deadlock with the opposition refusing the islamic leaders call for compromise or true has the details. egypt is stealing itself ahead of the first of two rival protest groups marking the first anniversary of president mohamed morsi in power the country is worried that there will be further violence after several days of clashes in the governorates between rival groups demonstrating either in support of the president or against him three days protest is called for by the islamic alliance which is a current mission of islamist parties in support of the president including the misson brotherhood's freedom and justice party this is preempting a nationwide protests expected on sunday organized by coalition forces and grassroots campaign who collected at least eighteen million signatures calling for the president to step down they say enough is enough nothing has changed in the
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last year since he took office and he's not fit to govern the country protests comes amid a growing security crisis across the country we've already seen several people die and hundreds injured in clashes across the governorates in the days leading up to the protests we're seeing an increase of civilians arms and bring those weapons to protests which is led many to call for the army to step in and secure the nation the military for their part to say they do not want to get involved in politics but they will step in if there is an increasing violence on the streets there's been many problems in egypt over the course of the last year the president mohamed morsi himself admitted in his speech on wednesday part of me is in freefall there are worsening bread and water shortages again and also bread prices and horizon rights groups for their part saying that they have witnessed increasing abuses in addition to torture being in demick in the police force as well as
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a crackdown on basic rights and freedoms this people are saying is a make or break moment for the president. this the first year in office of the egyptian leader was marred by ongoing political unrest middle east expert and author tariq ali believes despite the revolt that brought morsi to power the country is still deeply divided. i think it goes without saying and morsi himself as partially admitted it that he's disappointed because as far as those people who helped to bring mubarak down of them sent all a sizeable section of them he's changed absolutely nothing since he's come to power and these protests are to show that the democratic fig leaf is not enough so what will happen on sunday i think will be quite decisive it's not the case that he is bereft of support it's just said to the country is very very sharply divided between those who want some meaningful change and the government which is
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maintaining continue to do with the previous regime and in some instances getting worse. what you are again later will report another bloody act of violence in syria as graphic pseudo beheadings appears on the web after the break we question whether the killers are the ones the west may well be arming.
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download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch your t.v. any time anyway. welcome back this is r t now another act of brutal violence reportedly by syrian rebels has appeared on the web on very five video shows the be handing off three supposed to government supporters the title of the graphic footage suggest an
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orthodox christian bishop was among the victims although other reports claim had been shot down in an assault on. monastery let's get more from our middle east correspondent always leader. so paul what more can you tell us about the horrific incidents. well this disturbing and brutal footage has appeared online and what you can see is a group of men with what looks to be a kitchen knife beheading one by one the three men in the distance there's a group of women and children looking on all of this is to the cries of allah akbar god is great three men are ported to believe to be supporters of the syrian president bashar assad now the video appears under the caption of if it's a free syrian army cannibals decapitate and also ducks christian bishop it's not clear if this bishop in fact was one of the three men but what we understand
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happened is that the rebels raided a franciscan order in a predominantly christian village in the north of syria on the turkish border the syrian priest is believed to have tried to defend the religious sisters there nabil head of the group of the of of these men responsible for the decapitation doesn't say on the video that they are not involved in the military confrontation but instead that they are involved in executing torturing and lynching at the same time you can see from the video that this is very clearly a group of mercenaries people from was basically stun chechnya and other such countries what it does highlight is the brutality of the syrian opposition and you need to remember that this is the opposition that the united states has decided to stand weapons to and it's also the opposition that the u.k. and france are mulling over sending weapons to although they have indicated their support for such actions about six weeks ago there was a similar brutal video that also appeared online and at that stage the leader of
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the rebel group the far rock brigade was shown to be eating the heart of a. did the syrian soldier know the franciscan or to has released a statement in which it says that they can only pray that this finally ends and there is no more weapons all seemed to syria to prolong this absolute civil war the russian foreign ministry has issued a statement in which a condemns the killing of the syrian priest russia saying that the only solution is for all sides to sit down and hold talks moscow has condemned the supply of weapons to the syrian opposition making the point that this only perpetuates the civil conflict inside syria and that extremist elements will only benefit from this. politics more and indeed for bringing us the very latest polls leader there. now the growing threat of terrorism is appearing at the top of the jan of the u.k.
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government as the intelligence agencies and armed forces come out as winners in the spending review comes just over a month since a brutal machete murder of a british soldier in london which the killers said was revenge for the u.k.'s military campaigns and as artie's bully boy has been finding out there are mounting doubts over whether the war on terror is actually making brits safe. they're accused of hacking a soldier to death on the streets of london and now preparing to stand trial and told the free nazi what we believe is the problems and he describes the chilling message an indication of what drove the attack but the politicians say it's nonsense it's because you told me to read the speech to egypt's a police say equally to tell you to eat meat between this movie that you. would use for you to see all the actions you would be sure for the cities who are
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risking their lives in a good for the sake of freedom but there are those who took part in those military campaigns fast hand who disagree jerry says he was disillusioned by the reality of what fighting for freedom in the name of britain safety and volved compared to some of the excesses in afghanistan and iraq. which is a very serious called kind of charge the lie but it's absolutely true and we're very lucky that they've already been so few attacks why they said one of the banners we went to afghanistan under was peace peacekeeping and in the our peacekeeping operation we ran out of explosive artillery ammunition that gulf between how the war is presented and the bleak reality is all too evident for many in britain's vast muslim community re are in contact with our friends friends and family are back home and more we know what exactly is going on over there while we see. some of the media reports from the u.k. or the u.k. politicians there are speeches in parliament it's not reflecting the realities for
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afghanistan the war and yet there's been almost no public or political discussion about the western wars that drove the attack in which is because they obviously want to prosecute the war the wars in afghanistan iraq and the project and have a look at the projects in the middle east is very longstanding it pre-dates not elaborate in the their public policy documents which side that plea because they want to keep. doing these things there are plans for syria iran is on the horizon as well they need to keep throwing up this kind of audiological barrier and continue to attempt dealing with the killing killings the real world our mission in afghanistan does remain vital to our national security we're there to prevent that country from being a safe haven to al qaida from where they might plan attacks only u.k. allies and i think you have to be particularly stupid as a prime minister not to see if you invade other people's countries and you're like do you care about but the list of terror plots for oiled by m i five on you case
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soil makes for frightening reading since the religion track the number of people who believe that a clash of the civilizations between white britons and muslims is inevitable has gone out to almost two thirds of the population far right movements such as the english defense league have been using the incident to fan the flames and islamophobia in the u.k. creating tensions that make it harder for ordinary british muslims to speak out about u.k. foreign policy many muslims are afraid for on the. floor calling them out to extremists or terrorists but to what if you speak to most of them sympathetic to the message of the attacker but not. his actions because they are against any kind of terrorism any kind of terrorist. here or in any other country including afghanistan iraq or anywhere else the war on terror has always been sold as keeping britain safe but to those who object to the ukase involvement overseas the savage
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attack and well it merely serves as an example that it may be doing the exact opposite. london line team have lined up the best stories and pictures for us so let's stay so just a handful of what they've god there are today. iran marks the international day against drug abuse by burning around a hundred tons of narcotics officials and guest watched but didn't inhale at the ceremony in tehran and you can see the purple haze for yourself on our you tube channel. and another click away online for you today once your child to be a whiz kid despite your own lack of skills and talent well the u.k. is considering whether to allow the creation of babies using d.n.a. from three people on our team to call learn more and why some fear the consequences
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of the designer baby market. president may be enjoying the u.s. president rather may be enjoying a warm welcome from officials on his african tour but there has been more criticism than open arms from locals trade unions and civil society activists were rallying outside parliament in cape town ahead of the u.s. president's arrival demonstrators came out to blast a whole range of the obama administration's politics from crackdowns on whistleblowers to drone warfare millions of africans feel let down by washington's policies u.s. a continent has been slashed since obama took office while america's military activities have also still discontent and while obama has promised to do more to help the african people some believe washington is driven only by geopolitical interests. the american economy is the working group growth and they need cash they believe accessible materials to get housing markets that. they're also concerned
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about the influence they don't tell me the last few years they have been through in the last few years it's been very much for the chinese who have taken. control of. the nation. and the chinese on the russians a lot of lives. american side and the americans are also feeling the strain strain because the africa has been able to choose among serious on investors are very changeable choirs i mean best of all at the same time he expresses humor so well i'm afraid of obama's trip was very much of a signal a concern by the americans that they're. losing influence on your government that it's about as we can leave that humans are. now less than a decade is left for germany to keep its promise to say a permanent goodbye to nuclear energy but he ambitious shift towards renewables will burn a deep hole in taxpayers' pockets artie's peter all of our reports on the weeds
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germans may find along the path to a green future a wind of change is sweeping through germany energy production the cost of change is wrestling more than a few feathers. it's an acceptable to give energy producers taxpayer handouts the government has decided that renewables will get this money all driven by climate change hysteria. the german government is set the and vicious target of producing eighty percent of the country's power from renewable sources over the next forty years heavily subsidizing wind and solar environment minister peter says that's going to cost germany around one trillion euro despite the vast amounts of cash being spent in subsidies to keep things like this spending consumers say the benefits all big passed on to them i mean to a single mother living in berlin struggling to make ends meet she's been left
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shocked after huge rises in energy prices bill after bill after bill happened on my . one day i saw it almost doubled it wasn't possible for me to be don't force more stevia and then use washing machine once in a while so i can understand why this bill can be so expensive for two people. she's clear who she blames for the price rises and the effect it's had on her life so in somebody had said to beatrice possibility for these lies with the government and the power companies they are why it is so expensive i would love to take a trip with my son not playing golf or anywhere just somewhere nearby to the countryside but i just can't afford it so. germany received huge praise from environmentalists went down to the country would stop using nuclear powered by twenty twenty two however that decision has seen new coal fired power plants having to be built to take up the slack be honest answers gravely are really if you will
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just cannot support the majority of the need for reliable energy in the world it's true expensive and most of it is intermittent that is we don't know what to do with the society charging it went as well or there's also a case that economic interests outweigh the environmental right now germany saw slow growth in the third quarter of twenty thirty according to the cologne institute for economic research its energy costs for industry forty percent higher than those in neighbors friends the netherlands from the to be the nation our industry is suffering aluminum production the car industry are losing competitiveness the big companies may decide that is just too expensive and look to relocate. with elections in the autumn rising power prices could become an issue as chancellor merkel refuses to let the sun go down on her renewable revolution whatever the cost peter all over germany and when we come back so these are now the
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talks to you now other than larry king who gives his take on the snowden saga misstep tell. i love life but there is a lot of sick stuff going on on this planet for example according to bloomberg a hospital in chicago has been accused by the f.b.i. of cutting the throats of patients for big bags of cash a tracheotomy is a procedure to get air directly into the windpipe of someone who can't breathe by cutting a hole into it an f.b.i. affidavit based on tape recording says that the hospital knowingly and purposely sedated patients to the point that they couldn't breathe properly and would need
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tracheotomy and as you know in the u.s. health care system nothing comes cheap trick out of his own days cost about one hundred sixty thousand dollars a pop this alleged conspiracy between doctors and management is not the first of its kind at this hospital and administrator and five doctors have already been charged for medicare fraud for giving and receiving kickbacks not only is having a hole punched in your neck for money disgusting but it may also be lethal because patients at that hospital in chicago are three times more likely to die than patients at other hospitals from tracheotomies throughout the state now how did the f.b.i. find out about this with three employees ratted out the hospital and worked with the f.b.i. to make a lot of incriminating voice recordings these people risk their jobs and possibly much more to do what was right and i salute them reading out evil is no wrong deed but that's just my opinion.

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